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Sleep at Work

Miss Cellania has scheduled tomorrow morning’s Neatorama staff meeting for only three hours, but we all know that’s an optimistic estimate. I’d better come prepared, and thanks to this design by Kawamura Ganjavian, I can. Here’s how the “Ostrich” works: OSTRICH offers a micro environment in which to take a warm and comfortable power nap at [...]

Stolen Ostrich Saves Itself

A farmer in Pitesti, Romania was distraught to find his ostrich had been stolen by rustlers. But he needn’t have worried -this ostrich may be part homing pigeon, because she escaped and found her own way home! Owner Florin Diaconescu, 47, was very relieved to see her return back to the farm and was amazed at [...]

Baby Giraffe and Ostrich Playing

(Video Link) This video of undetermined provenance shows a baby giraffe and an ostrich playing. At least the giraffe is playing. I’m not sure about the ostrich. via Ace of Spades HQ

Police Tasered and Handcuffed … an Emu!

Forget tranquilizer darts – that’s the stuff of Hollywood. Real police officers use taser, even on a wayward emu: Authorities in Mississippi said they had to handcuff an emu and shock it with a Taser to remove the ostrich-like flightless bird from a roadway. Oh, and they used handcuffs, too. I’m assuming they meant emu legcuffs: Link [...]