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10 Worthless Wizards

Think having a wizard for a friend will make all your troubles go away? Think again -possessing the power of magic doesn’t always mean one possesses competence! Take Orko, for example: One of He-Man’s running gags is Orko poor magical skills, in that nearly every time Orko attempts to use magic, it backfires. He also has [...]

Cal Orko Dinosaur Wall of Bolivia

Cal Orko – The Dinosaur Wall of BoliviaCal Orcko (Voice Quechua Cal Urqu, ‘Hill of Cal’) is a paleontological site, found at the quarry at a factory of cement, in Bolivia (FANCESA), department of Chuquisaca. It is the site with traces of dinosaurs in the world, as it contains over 5,000 tracks of 294 species [...]