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Richard Feynman on His Father

In this five-minute clip from The BBC’s The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out, physicist Richard Feynman talks about his father, and how Feynman was taught by his father, the Encyclopedia Britannica, and good old-fashioned experimentation. It’s a nice look into the origins of Feynman’s thought processes, and how he attempted to pass them on [...]

Dachshund in Chain Mail

I do not know the origins of this picture, but the dog’s owner should be commended for providing much-needed protection from arrows and bladed weapons. She is ready to go to both the dogpark and the Ren fair. via Geekosystem

Armadillos pass leprosy to humans

Study sheds light on the origins of leprosy for people who have the malady yet don’t know how they got it While only an estimated 5% of the US populat…

Was "Hobbit" an iodine-deficient human ?

Scientists in Australia have reconfirmed the idea that Homo floresiensis is an iodine-deficient human. The debate over the origins of the hobbit-like …