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Man Catcher

This terrifying-looking weapon of German origin was used to jerk riders off horses: Man catchers were used in Europe in the late 1700s during times of war. The terrifying collar pulled riders off horseback. In peacetime, it is thought the device may have caught and held escaped prisoners. Link | Photo: Science Museum of London

Quasicrystals could come from space

Mysterious naturally occuring quasicrystals in Russia are believed to be extraterrestrial in origin. Quasicrystals are a unique type of crystal first …

Origin of Species Litograph Poster

Origin of Species Litograph – $38.95 Are you an evolved individual who finds great pleasure in reading Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species? You have been naturally selected to love the Origin of Species Lithograph from the NeatoShop. This fantastic poster arose from actual texts from the book. The Origin of Species Litograph is perfect for [...]

Me Gusta This Latte

I can’t track down the origin of this memederful latte, but it is just too awesome not to share. If you do know where it first was introduced to the web, let me know so I can update the article. Link

How did zebras get their stripes ?

Researchers believe zebras evolved stripes as a way to help keep blood-sucking flies at bay. The origin of a zebra’s stripes has been a topic of much …

Tastes Like TV

The following article is from the book Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Tunes Into TV. When TV characters cook, the results are often disgusting. Drink: Flaming Homer Show: The Simpsons (1991) Origin: Homer is bored at home one night -forced to watch his in-law’s vacation slides- and he doesn’t have any beer, so he makes a cocktail from whatever he [...]

A Menagerie Of Japanese Mythical Creatures

Ever wondered about the origin of the Japanese Kirin or the waving Lucky Cat? If so, then this article by Matt Alt will amaze and astound with it’s short yet concise descriptions of 10 of the best known Japanese mythical creatures, some of which you may have seen but never thought you’d understand. This great [...]

Building Blocks of DNA Found in Meteorites from Space

Could the building blocks of life been first delivered to Earth from outer space? That is what some research may be suggesting. “People have been finding nucleobases in meteorites for about 50 years now, and have been trying to figure out if they are of biological origin or not,” study co-author Jim Cleaves, a chemist at [...]

The Complete Definitive Origin of Catwoman

I have a slightly-more-than-passing interest in comics, which is to say that I find them interesting and have a couple of favorite artists, but remain unfamiliar with most of the esoteric details that actual fans are aware of. That said, I’ve always thought Catwoman was one of those lesser Batman foes, without any kind of [...]

Bacon Candle

I don’t know the origin of this picture or the set of which it is a part, but it appears to show a man making a candle with bacon grease. Do you think that it would work? Link via The Presurfer