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Bar Gets Pregnancy Test Vending Machine for Female Customers

Healthy Brains for Children, a non-profit organization in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, wants to reduce the incidence of fetal alchohol syndrome. So it plans to put 100 vending machines in bars to sell pregnancy tests. The idea is that women who suspect that they may be pregnant can check before taking a drink and potentially [...]

Girl Scouts Fight for Their Right to Pee Outdoors

If you’re in Ohio and can’t live without Thin Mints, you’d better give the Ohio Girl Scout Council a call and demand they leave their existing camping sites open to the troops. Otherwise, you may very well be subject to a shortage of Samoas. That’s because a number of troops in the state are planning to [...]

Half of College Grads Come From Only 3 Countries

This is something quite interesting. According to new Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, almost half of all college graduates in the world come from only three countries: United States, China, and Japan. Among the [...]

PETZ: People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies

Zombies supporters have their own organization now! Join PETZ (People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies) and you can adopt a zombie, lobby for zombie rights, and network with other zombie supporters. Among their offerings is this checklist for a “cruelty-free lifestyle”: Proper zombie care Keep your zombie well-refrigerated Reattach any limbs that have fallen off immediately Brush your [...]

TV News Crew Confuses Star Trek Organization with US Navy SEALs

In the Star Trek universe, the Maquis was a military organization created by Federation colonists who ended up on the Cardassian side of the border when the United Federation of Planets and the Cardassian Union signed a peace treaty. SEAL Team Six of the US Navy is a different organization, although a German TV news [...]

Doubt cast on Ed Grimsley UFO video

Grimsley’s organization Skywatch recorded footage of a “UFO battle” on April 30th. Ed Grimsley has been researching the topic of UFOs since he was a t…

Common Cents

Common Cents One Hundred Million Pennies are 100,000,000 in digits or $1 million in dollars. Non-profit organization called Common Cents placed all this money at the Penny Harvest at Rockefeller Center.national educational, not-for-profit organization, which specializes in creating and managing service-learning programs for young people between the ages of four and 14. Common Cent’s most [...]

Happy World Toilet Day!

According to the World Toilet Organization—yes, there is actually a World Toilet Organization—2.5 billion people worldwide are without access to proper sanitation, like a working toilet. Much more than just an inconvenience, poor sanitation and crappy toilets (sorry) are hugely detrimental to the health of people living under those conditions, leading to the deaths of [...]

Time Travel Propaganda Posters

826LA is a non-profit organization in southern California that teaches kids how to engage in creative writing. It’s known for innovative workshops and clever marketing. We previously featured their time travel store on Neatorama. 826LA has applied that same theme to traditional propaganda posters, producing ten, including the above poster warning time travelers about the [...]