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Replacement Parts

Organ transplants saves lives, but there aren’t enough suitable and available organs for those who need them. There just aren’t enough donors. Two doctors, Joseph Vacanti of Boston Children’s Hospital in Massachusetts and David Cooper of the University of Cape Town Medical School in South Africa, are looking at ways around the human organ shortage [...]

The Late Movies: Pipe Organ Pop

A pipe organ sounds so important, so majestic, so …big. It was meant for big songs. Rock Around the Clock Recorded at the Nathanaelchurch in Berlin-Schöneberg, Germany. * Jump Van Halen’s classic from 1984. * Star Wars Overture On the grand pipe organ at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna. * Star Wars Throne Scene Music This song has become a staple of wedding processionals in recent [...]

Amazing: LEGO Star Wars Barrel Organ

(Video Link) This is the awesomest thing you will see all day. Okay, it’s a barrel organ that plays Star Wars music, but it’s so much more than that. The surface is made of LEGO pieces, arranged as scenes from Hoth, Endor and Tatooine. The LEGO pieces trip levers that press organ keys, so the scenes [...]

From Petey P. Cup to Prosty the Spokesgland: 11 Unbelievable Healthcare Industry Mascots

If pancake syrup, batteries and crescent rolls can have corporate mascots, why shouldn’t urinalysis and Manograms? That’s what these 11 health-related causes figured when they created their very specific spokesthings. 1. Petey P. Cup We’ve mentioned Petey P. Cup before, but his particular brand of awesome is worth another visit. Petey is a larger-than-life specimen jar containing [...]

Can "Opt-Out" Organ Donation Law be the Solution?

The problem with organ transplantation is, of course, there’s not enough donors to go around (Maybe people think that they’d need that kidney in the afterlife or something). But could this be the solution: a [...]

The First Synthetic Trachea Transplant

Swedish surgeons at Karolinska University Hospital have successfully grown a donor free trachea and transplanted it into a patient, who is now recovering and doing well. The organ was created using the patients own stem cells, which were harvested from his bone marrow, and was grown in just two days. Using stem cells in this [...]

8 Odd and Awesome Musical Instruments

We’ve shown you many strange and different musical instruments, but there are always more to be discovered. Here are some that you won’t find in your average high school orchestra, unless you want to introduce them to the class yourself! 1. Hydraulophone A hydraulophone is an organ powered by water. When a hydraulophone is not being played, [...]

The Kingdom of Boomeria

The Kingdom of Boomeria is a magical place of just one hectare hidden in the forest in Bonny Doon, California. Students who graduate from San Lorenzo Valley High School go out into the world and tell tales of their adventure in the Kingdom of Boomeria and find that no one believes them. After all, how [...]

Windpipe Transplanted Twice in Same Patient

Linda De Croock was injured in a traffic accident 25 years ago that left her with a crushed windpipe. Since then, her throat has been held open by metal stents until a new procedure in organ transplant gave her a new trachea. Dr. Pierre Delaere and his team at the University Hospital in Leuven, Belgium [...]

The World’s Most Magnificent Pipe Organs

“QUANTUM SHOT” #596Link – article by M. Christian and A. Abrams “Pipe Dreams” with Magnificent Sound: Quite Simply, The Blockbusters of Their Time Some of the most epic and magnificent music masterpieces were created to be played on a large pipe organ – made even better if listened inside soaring gothic cathedrals with pretty much perfect acoustics. [...]