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Do Orchestras Really Need Conductors?

Have you ever watched a symphony orchestra being led by a conductor and thought, “Hey, anyone could do that -he’s just waving his arms to the beat of the music!”? I recall thinking that when I was very young. But now a study conducted by Yiannis Aloimonos of the University of Maryland and other researchers [...]

Goreous Photos From the Inside of Instruments

That’s one heck of a way to advertise your local orchestra. The creations were created by art director Bjoern Ewers to show the true beauty of the instruments lies on the inside. Link Via BoingBoing

Michael Petermann’s Stupid Orchestra

(Vimeo Link) Michael Petermann arranged 150 retro appliances like an orchestra and has them play a symphony. The blow dryer organ produces preppy harmonies and humming razors whip up furious rhythms. Later accords by ventilators and wind machines cool the appliances and the mood. Petermann’s “Stupid Orchestra” can be seen and heard at the MKG Hamburg until April [...]

Mind-Blowing Accordion Performance – Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” Performed Solo

This bit of musical virtuosity blew my mind, and I urge you to spend two minutes watching and listening. In the video below, 26-year-old Ukrainian Aleksandr Hrustevich plays a Bayan “Jupiter-Lux,” a sort of mega-accordion with the capacity (in the right hands) to stand in for an entire orchestra (in this case, he’s playing parts [...]

Darth Vader Conducting an Orchestra Performing the Imperial March

(YouTube Link) Darth Vader did not approve of how the conductor of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra was leading a performance of The Imperial March, so he stepped in to do the job himself. In the links, you’ll find a longer video of this event from CNN. via Topless Robot | CNN Video | Orchestra Website