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Zoo to Send Orangutan to a Private Island to Quit Smoking

[YouTube clip] It’s hard to quit. So when zookeepers in Indonesia want to help Tori the orangutan to quit smoking, they decided to take drastic measures: Tori learned to smoke 10 years ago [...]

Orangutan Saves Distressed Baby Bird

(YouTube link) An orangutan saves a tired baby chick with a leaf, then inspects it afterward to makes sure it’s all right. There’s not a ton of info available about this video (for instance, which zoo this is or when it was filmed), but the important takeaway here is that orangutans are both extraordinarily compassionate and [...]

Orangutan Mom Sings to Her Baby

If you’ve ever sung a lullaby to your baby, you’ve just mimicked an orangutan: turns out orangutan moms sing to make their babies happy. Eyes closed, hand on heart, this orang-utan mother appears to be belting out a ballad to her beautiful orange baby – perhaps I Will Always Love You-oo-oo? Her offspring certainly seems impressed and [...]

The Orangutan and the Hound Dog

(YouTube link) Dogs will occasionally follow children home, especially when the child encourages it. In this case, the dog bonded to Suryia the orangutan and the facility is now stuck with Roscoe. This cute clip is from the National Geographic show Unlikely Friends. -via Huffington Post