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Orange Porridge Storage

Orange you glad you read this post? Orange puns, love it! Sort of reminds me of that video with Anderson Cooper and Eminem from E60 a few years ago. Eminem says he doesn’t like when people say you can’t rhyme anything with orange and then precedes to rhyme orange with all kinds of things. Sort [...]

This Zerg Overlord Jack-O-Lantern Rules

<incoming transmission> An orange skinned squash shaped like a Starcraft Zerg Overlord was seen taking over the kitchen of a gamer named Ian Fisher…The pumpkin is tentacled, accompanied by a slimy Creep and considered extremely dangerous…permission to squash on sight…<end of transmission> Link

Chocolate Cakes Baked Inside Oranges

Who needs s’mores? Chris Rochelle has an even better idea for campfire food! Cut the tops off about 10 oranges and scoop out the pulp. Fill the oranges three-quarters of the way with chocolate cake batter (cake mix works fine), then put the orange tops back on and wrap each orange in aluminum foil. Place directly onto [...]

Delightful Minimalist Doctor Who Posters

Allons-y Doctor Who fans, these minimalist posters by the Karma Orange Design Studio are simply perfect. Whether you like The Silence, River Song or the TARDIS itself, you’ll certainly appreciate these great designs. Link Via The Mary Sue

Which Came First: Orange the Color or Orange the Fruit?

Reader Erica wrote in with a question about oranges. Is the fruit named for its color, or is the color named for the fruit? Crayon and orange images via Shutterstock The citrus definitely got named first. The earliest recorded use of orange the fruit in English is from the 1300s and came to us from the Old French [...]

Steampunk Trick-or-Treating Buckets

The standard orange trick-or-treating bucket is going to clash with your clever steampunk Smurfette Captain America in a utilikilt costume. But no worries: Yami Guru has you covered with his steampunk buckets. Link -via Walyou (warning: auto-sound)

How to Turn a Dried Orange Peel into a Box

Sean Michael Ragan of Make read that it was possible to dry and shape the skin of an orange into a functional box. Although his is not as impressive as the one above, he was able to prove that it could be done. Ragan writes: The original description mentions that the peels are “squeezed thin” after [...]

The Number of the Day: 19

Rappers and poets take note: Most people have heard there are no words that rhyme with “orange.” But according to, there are 19 words in the English language that have no perfect rhyme. Related Fact: The words are angst, bulb, cusp, film, gulf, kiln, oblige, opus, orange, pint, plankton, rhythm, silver, yttrium, depth, breadth, [...]

Farmer Dyed Sheep Orange to Defeat Rustlers

Tired of rustlers stealing his flock of sheep, English farmer John Heard decided to … dye his sheep orange! The 48-year-old has put his flock of 250 blackface ewes through a harmless dip of orange dye making them so highly visible wary thieves are giving them a wide berth.Mr Heard, who runs his livestock farm near [...]

Maryborough UFO mystery deepens

Strange orange lights sighted over Maryborough have left authorities and weather experts baffled. One local news service was bombarded with calls by c…