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The Late Movies: Christmas Lights Set to “Call Me Maybe”

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas or enjoy the acoustical stylings of Carly Rae Jepsen, I think we can all agree on one thing: Thank goodness we don’t live across the street from any of these people. Kurtz House Chesapeake, VA And the award for most lawn inflatables goes to the Holt family. Orange County, CA Truthfully, this one scares [...]

10 Places and the Words They Inspired

1. Buncombe County, North Carolina Just before the U.S. House was set to vote on allowing Missouri into the Union in 1820, North Carolina Rep. Felix Walker requested a chance to speak. When his exhausted colleagues tried to cut him off, he told them that his speech wasn’t actually for the House at all, but for [...]

The Secret Restroom

There’s an entire website about the “Secret Restroom” located to the side of Carnation Plaza at Disneyland. It’s not so much a secret anymore, but it is a fully-accessible one-holer tucked away as to not be noticeable. It’s also cleaned every half-hour. From the FAQs: Why is the Secret Restroom better than other Disneyland restrooms? For [...]

Man Stuck Inside Tree

Orange County Deputies in Laguna Hills, California were summoned by residents who heard screams from a creek bed Tuesday morning. They arrived to find an unnamed man stuck inside a tree trunk. Firefighters and deputies said they are not sure why, but the man climbed into a narrow hole located near the base of the tree. [...]

Hip Hop Violin Medley

(Video link) A video clip with Josh Vietti, a pop violinist based in Orange County, California, performing various famous hip hop songs on violin. via Pusha

PushCake Is Like a Push Pop with a Cupcake Inside

The great thing about cupcakes is, well, everything. But it turns out that they can be improved upon. If you’re looking for a faster way of shoving cupcakes into your mouth, you might want to try the PushCake by the Meringue Bake Shop in Orange County, California. Do you need more cupcake? Just push the [...]

Wild Bald Eagle Sets Up Camp Next To Captive Bald Eagle

YouTube Link The Orange County Zoo in California has a new and unexpected attraction. A wild bald eagle has moved into a tree above the cage of the zoo’s captive bald eagle Olivia. Bald eagles are spotted from time to time in the rolling foothills, oaks and sycamores surrounding the zoo, but never before has one taken [...]

The Late Movies: O-SPAN

C-SPAN can be pretty boring, unless you’re watching Jon Stewart narrate the highlights. Personally, if I have to watch Congress on TV I much prefer O-SPAN, which is The Onion’s coverage. It’s a heckuva lot livelier. For instance, here’s what happens what a bat gets loose on the floor of Congress. … or when a half-eaten fish [...]

Mooning of the Amtrak Train

Mooning of the Amtrack Train The pants were down but so was the size of the crowd for a bizarre ritual in Southern California. It’s the annual “Moon Over Amtrak” event in the Orange County community of Laguna Niguel in which people line up to moon passing commuter trains. It began as a bar bet in 1979 and [...]

The Non-Football Jobs of 12 Coaching Legends

You see them stalking the sidelines every time you flip on a game, but how well do you know where some of the game’s top coaches got their starts? Most coaches spend their entire lives coaching in some capacity, but a few of the all-time greats have gotten some interesting paychecks outside of football. Take [...]