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Make Your Salad Perfect for the Holidays

You’re obligated to have some kind of healthy option availble at Christmas dinner, but usually they get ignored in favor of the more tasty treats available. If you actually want people to munch down on the salad though, maybe you should try sprucing it up into a wreath to better fit the holiday season. Link

Settlers of Catan Pull Apart Cake

Can’t decide between cupcakes or a regular cake? Well, a pull apart cake is a great option and if you want to geek up a pull apart cake, a Settlers of Catan design is perfect, given the shape of the game board. Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

Putting Cats in Jail?

No, no one is really locking cats behind bars. Instead prisoners are being increasingly given the option to take care of cats: For one jail in Nebraska, it was as simple as adopting a couple of cats to help the inmates while away the hours in a healthy manner. The inmates are solely responsible for the [...]

Ewok Inspired Treehouse Treesort

(YouTube Link) If watching Return Of The Jedi left you with a longing for a life in the trees, a yearning for an Ewokian lifestyle that just won’t go away, then you’ll want to visit Oregon, where builder of dream houses Michael Garnier runs his Out ‘n’ About Treehouse Treesort. The Ewok village inspired bed-and-breakfast is best [...]

If Websites Were Actually Magazines

Remember when magazines were your only option? If you long for those days of old, then you’ll enjoy this gallery of popular websites reimagined as magazines. Thank god for the internetz. Link

Kiss Slap Kill

So this is cute. Interactive vids are becoming more and more common on YouTube these days. I especially enjoyed the “kill” option – so maybe pick that if you only have a minute to, er, kill.