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Optimus Prime before He Was Famous

Optimus Prime wasn’t always the leader of the Autobots. Long before he took the Matrix of Leadership, he worked his way through college armed with a fryer and a griddle. You can see more pictures of this outstanding custom figure at the link. Link (Google Translate) -via Kotaku

Pokémon Eye Makeup and Much, Much More

Would you like for your eyes to look like Optimus Prime? How about Fluttershy? Or Sailor Jupiter? Whatever your pop culture tastes, deviantART member nazarra has the right eye shadowing for you. Her specialty is Pokémon, as you can see from the over one hundred different eye makeup designs that she’s created for the franchise. Gallery [...]

Stitchwork Optimus Prime Actually Transforms

Optimus Prime is the Chosen One, and into him shall be stitched the Matrix of Leadership. Lord Libidan made this Optimus Prime model using plastic canvas. Thanks to his clever use of magnets, it actually transforms. Link -via Feeling Stitchy

Transformers Treasure Hunt Winners

Transformers Comic-Con 2011 special Ultimate Optimus Prime Unicorn Meat Sharp Act Knife Sharpener Wolf Hat A few days ago, we had a fun Transformers Treasure Hunt in collaboration with our friends over at The Daily What Geek. That was a blast! (Here’s the answer page, btw). Congratulations to terrrtle who won the Canned Unicorn Meat, weelau who got the Wolf [...]

Junktimus Prime

Rachel Blackman made this Optimus Prime model out of scrap metal for the Fremont Solstice Festival. Kind of dieselpunk, don’t you think? Link via Walyou