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Your Assumptions Are Wrong

(Video Link) Richard Wiseman, whose work we’ve featured extensively at Neatorama, knows how perform slight of hand tricks and create optical illusions because, as a trained psychologist, he understands how the mind works. The room in this video changes as Wiseman strips away the assumptions that you’ve made. Wiseman’s Website -via The Presurfer

Optical Illusion Art by Oleg Shuplyak

What do you see? A shepherd sleeping by the tree, with two nearby houses? Or do you see something else? Check out more of Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak’s optical illusion paintings over at Mighty Optical Illusions: Link [...]

Knitted Tapestry Reveals the Mona Lisa When Viewed from the Right Angle

(Video Link) Mathematical crafters Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer have lately been exploring ways of knitting optical illusions. The results are amazing! They have other knitted illusions at the link, including ones from Doctor Who, Twilight, and Harry Potter. Link -via Craft Previously by these artists: Knitted Napier’s Bones

Guido Daniele’s Hand Art

Guess what? Those are hands you’re looking at. Guido Daniele had done a whole series of these for AT&T, which can be found on his website. Link -via Mighty Optical Illusions

Playing with the Moon

French artist Laurent Laveder has shared a couple dozen beautiful images of the moon used as a prop. His other night- and sky-themed works include 3D starscapes, which can be found in his PixHeaven gallery. Link, PixHeaven Gallery via Mighty Optical Illusions

Optical Illusion Tattoos

What better way to comemmorate your love of optical illusions than to get it tattooed on your back? Our own Jill Harness wrote the definitive Top 10 Optical Illusion Tattoos over at Mighty Optical Illusions blog: Link – via Rue The Day

Why Do People Get Pruney Fingers after Being in the Water a Long Time?

We’ve previously featured some of the creative ideas of evolutionary neurobiologist Mark Changizi, including his explanations for optical illusions, human blushing, and his notion that hospitals could use skin-colored gowns to track patient health. Now Changizi is trying to explain why the surface of human fingers get pruney after prolonged exposure to the water. His hypothesis [...]


(YouTube link) This is what you get when you combine optical illusions with a vaudeville act. The performer is named Ouka. -via Cynical-C

Magical Text

In opposite to the World’s Oldest Optical Illusion? that was posted here at Neatorama around Christmas last year, here is one of the most recent optical illusions out there. It’s a piece of text that seems to grow and curve, especially when you look at the corners of the image. Link – via Reddit

Vision and Illusion

(YouTube link) The structure of your individual brain has a lot to do with how you perceive optical illusions. Researchers at University College London asked subjects how they perceived illusions of size such as the one used in this video, and then measured the size of each subject’s visual cortex -the amount of brain matter devoted [...]