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Opossum Eats Strawberry

(YouTube link) Does this pet opossum look cute to you? I think so, but I had to clear my mind of the more familiar image of one baring its teeth at me from a tree branch or lying dead in the road. His name is JJ. -via The Daily What

Proper Opossum Poetry Corner

(YouTube link) ME Pearl, whose full name is Pearl de Sagesse de Sabaduria. does poetry with her Opossum. (via Arbroath) Previous possum post: Proper Opossum Pedicure

A Sweater Wearing Opossum Shredding It On A Snowboard

(YouTube Link) Shaun White had better watch out for Ratatouille the snowboarding opossum, because if this little guy learns how to grind the halfpipe or drop a backflip 360 off a ramp his power of adorableness coupled with his snow shredding skills will make him the new king of winter sports. –via The Daily What

Heidi, the Cutest Cross-Eyed Opossum You’ll Meet Today!

What’s cuter than an opossum? How about a cross-eyed, fat one named Heidi who lives at the Leipzig zoo: Heidi’s poor vision – thanks to her bulging eyes – has struck a chord with the public, but zookeepers say it does not cause many problems. As opossums are nocturnal they rely heavily on their sense of [...]

North Carolina Opossum Become German Star

Heidi the Cross-eyed Opossum lives at the Leipzig Zoo in Germany, where she is set to be a part of Gondwanaland, a new area of the zoo which will open in July. The two-and-a-half year old opossum has already inspired a song and a plush toy. It is a long way from home. According to the [...]