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The Missing Links: Ketchup Goes Kaboom

The Man That Cues the Laughter Wally Feresten has been holding up cue cards for cast members and nervous guest hosts on Saturday Night Live for 22 years. * Bullfighting: In Pictures No matter if you’re of the opinion that bullfighting is barbaric or a beautiful art form, these startling pictures will probably solidify that opinion. Be [...]

The 11 Worst Fast Food Restaurant Names

Must be a translation problem. Always get a second opinion before you name your business in a language you don’t speak! This is one of a collection of strangely-named restaurants gathered from the picture site Stupidest and posted together for your convenience. Link

Do you believe in Bigfoot ?

Opinion poll results suggest that 30 percent of Americans believe that Bigfoot is ‘probably’ real. Sightings of the elusive hominid continue to be rep…

Why Don’t Americans Elect Scientists?

John Allen Paulos of The New York Times’ opinion column Campaign Stops ponders noted that amongst the 435 members of the House of Representatives, there are only one [...]

The Best Works of The Venture Bros. Cosplay

Have you seen The Venture Bros.? It’s a great show, and in my opinion, the funniest currently in production. Gamma Squad has a roundup of some of the best cosplay by fans. Here we see three young ladies dressed up as Hank Venture, Dean Venture, and Sgt. Hatred. The expression on Dean’s face is perfect. Link [...]

Daniel Radcliffe Sings “The Elements” by Tom Lehrer

“Tom Lehrer is, in my opinion, is the cleverest and funniest man of the twentieth century, and he’s kind of my hero, and he wrote a song called ‘The Elements’ because he was a scientist and it’s basically — it’s the name of every element in the periodic table, and that’s my party trick.” -Daniel [...]

Fantastic Commercial Photo Studios

Some people have a negative opinion of commercial photography, mistakenly believing it is not an art, and is merely a way to showcase the product being sold. This is a grossly unfair conception. While some commercial images are no more than a product picture, some are imaginative and exceptionally artistic. WebUrbanist has a great collection [...]