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Clever and Sometimes Horrifying Tools from the History of Dentistry

Oobject gathered pictures of dentistry from past and probably pain-filled generations. Despite the visceral horror one might feel by looking at some of them, one must also admire the ingenuity behind some of them, such as this clockwork drill from the Nineteenth Century. Link via Gizmodo | Previously: A Pictorial History of Dentistry

15 Abandoned Theaters

Oobject captures the majesty and opulence that once defined theater archiecture, and the sadness of their current emptiness in this gallery of urban decay photography. The theater pictured here is in Hellingly Asylum, Sussex. Theaters are a relic of the past. Don’t believe me? Look at drive-in movie theaters and the shakespearean stage. They simply don’t [...]

15 high speed trains from around the world

Oobject does it again with another brilliant list comprised of 15 of the world’s most magnificent (and FAST) high speed trains and railways. Simply a must see. In America, we’re used to driving. In fact, we thrive on it. However, in other countries, high speed rail is a key factor in getting people where they need [...]