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Movie Floor Plans

In their monthly online journal Interiors, Mehruss Jon Ahi and Armen Karaoghlanian diagram and analyze the spatial dynamics of a Hollywood movie such as Lost in Translation (above) and Panic Room (below). More over at [...]

Amazing Animated Short – Calvaire Fruite

(YouTube Link) Stumbling upon a new, and wonderful, animated short online is like discovering an unopened box of eye candy in the back of a closet full of meme photobooks and home videos. Calvaire Fruite is a most delicious visual treat, created by Ghayth Chegaar, Eddy Loukil, and Victor Jardelusing using CGI models and textures that give [...]

Why America’s Top Colleges Offer Free Classes Online

Elite universities are throwing open their classrooms’ doors to anyone with an Internet connection—for free. Why are colleges offering free classes? They don’t want to be left behind in the digital revolution that has already transformed the way we consume news, music, and books. Stanford, Duke, Princeton, and Johns Hopkins are among the 16 universities that have [...]

eBay to ban sales of spells and hexes

The online auction giant has announced that it will no longer permit the sale of magical items. From September onwards eBay will be cracking down on “…

Matching Drinks to What You’re Listening To

Drinkify is a new online tool that matches cocktails to what you happen to be currently listening to. Some of the selections seem a little random, but given that “The Iggy Pop” happens to be 12 oz of moonshine, it seems there is at least some kind of method to their choices. Link

Why Online Comments are So Polarized

In this five-minute video, Ze Frank posits a theory about why online comments are so overwhelmingly positive or negative. Ze is a guy who has done tons of work online (primarily video, but also interactive group projects), and is currently posting videos several times a week, many of which receive lots of feedback…and most [...]

Mystery ‘pulsating winged being’ filmed

A video has appeared online showing a glowing figure with wings appearing briefly on CCTV footage. The video shows an unremarkable street in Indonesia…

11 Variations on “Keep Calm and Carry On”

c The now-famous Keep Calm and Carry On poster was produced by the British Ministry of Information in 1939, as a quintessentially British statement of what to do in the event of German invasion. The post actually wasn’t circulated at the time, and only became popular after its rediscovery at a bookstore. Among my [...]

Boy in China sells his kidney to buy an iPad

The 17-year-old sold off the kidney after being approached by a buyer in an online chat room. He received 22,000 yuan for the organ which he spent pur…

Bad Opinion Generator

The Week magazine has an online toy that will give you an opinion. A bad one, in hindsight. Unlike a real “generator,” these opinions are not constructed on the fly -they are things that were really said by someone at some time in history. Push the button and get another one randomly selected from the [...]