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11 Harry Potter Facts From the Amazing Fact Generator

In the Harry Potter universe, the famous boy wizard was born on July 31, 1980, which would make him a man wizard in his early thirties today. To celebrate his 32nd birthday, here are some Potter-related facts from our Amazing Fact Generator. Getty Images 1. Michael Jackson wanted to do a musical version of Harry Potter and [...]

6 Times The Onion Had People Completely Fooled

Photo credit: Flickr user Afraid of Ducks The site Literally Unbelievable showcases normal people on Facebook who have been duped by satirical articles from The Onion. But every now and then those misunderstandings have real world consequences. 1. “Study Finds Every Style of Parenting Produces Disturbed, Miserable Adults” Last year The Onion ran this article, in which the [...]

Can the DIY Community Save RadioShack?

Image: Calsidyrose [Flickr] RadioShack was founded by two brothers who wanted to provide equipment for the then-new field of ham radio. Over the next few decades, the company grew to become a large behemoth by appealing to the DIY community. Then came rounds of scandals, getting their clocks cleaned by cheaper competitors, and The Shack rebranding [...]