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American Colonists, Form Blazing Sword!

Olly Moss’s brilliantly funny cartoon references Benjamin Franklin’s 1754 drawing calling for American unity. The Voltron force would have been pretty useful about 21 years later. Link -via Super Punch

Wake Up and Smell the … Internet?

Meet Olly, a "web connected smell robot" that converts tweets, Facebook notifications, RSS feeds – whatever you want – into smells: Olly has a removable section in the back which you can fill with [...]

Pop Culture Silhouettes

Artist Olly Moss, whose awesome work we’ve previously featured on Neatorama, showed an exhibition of silhouette images from pop culture. If you live in Los Angeles, you can view them at Gallery 1988 through May 20. How many at the link can you identify without consulting outside sources? Link via NotCot | Photo: Bobby Solomon | [...]


(vimeo link) Oh no! This place is infested with coins! This short stop-motion animation was produced by Olly Newport. -via Laughing Squid