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You Shall Not Password

A seven-year-old girl left this note on her parents’ computer desk. They are considering password-protecting the computer. I can laugh because this is not my child, but if it were, she’d find out what a nightmare life can really be! Link -via HuffPo

Heavy Metal God In The Form Of An 8 Year Old Girl

(YouTube Link) This 8 year old girl is about to change the world of heavy metal forever, by bringing some refreshingly new subject matter to the scene-household pets. Watch as Juliet gets hardcore singing about how much she loves her goldfish, and her dog, don’t even think about messing with her dog, or she’ll jump off the [...]

Teenager dies during exorcism

A 13-year-old girl died while having an exorcism performed at a Buddhist church in southern Japan. The ritual involved what is known as a “waterfall s…

4-year-old drives car on motorway in China

Footage of a 4-year-old girl driving her parents car along a busy motorway in China has surfaced online. The girl’s parents filmed their daughter from…

Girl suffers from "sleeping beauty" syndrome

A 17-year-old girl is suffering from an unusual disorder that sends her to sleep for weeks at a time. Louisa Ball has missed out on school and social …

Decipher the Doodle Contest!

NeatoBambino is giving you a chance to win with another Decipher the Doodle Contest! This doodle (which you only see a part of here) is a collaboration between a 4-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy. What is it supposed to be? Both the commenter closest to the correct answer and the commenter with the funniest [...]

Open safety pin found in girl’s sinus cavity

Doctors were shocked to discover a safety-pin in the sinus cavity of a 6-year-old girl. Her parents had taken her to a doctor to be checked out follow…

Zara Hartshorn 13 Year Girl Looks 30 Older

Zara Hartshorn 13 Year Old Girl that Looks 30 Years OlderZara lives at home with her mom, sisters and a brother. There is, of course, the usual rough-and-tumble and sibling bickering one would expect in a large family. But, Zara said, she feels safe and loved. No one makes fun of her, unlike every time [...]

Somali man, 112, weds girl, 17

A 112-year-old man in Somalia has married a 17-year-old girl in a wedding that hundreds attended. Her new husband is old enough to be her great gr…