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The Missing Links: Is Lake Erie Wrecking English?

Stickmen May Not Have Organs, But They Do Have Feelings The plight of the stickman doesn’t get nearly enough attention these days. Please be warned, his inevitable fate does produce a few NSFW phrases. * Dr. Seuss Was An Oil Man Before he created the beloved books you know him for, Dr. Seuss created ads for the [...]

Magnetic soap could help oil spill clean-ups

Soap that contains iron atoms could find use in oil spill clean-ups and in waste water treatments. Although it’s similar to hand soap, the ‘magnetic s…

12 Ways You Can Support Charities Without Donating Money

Regular readers might remember our post about helping penguins victimized by the Tauranga oil spill in New Zealand by knitting tiny sweaters. While we had a lot of interest in the article and the cause, it was only up a short time before a representative from the charity commented that they had received enough sweaters [...]

Sweaters for Penguins

Two weeks ago, there was a terrible oil spill off the coast of New Zealand. Skeinz, a yarn store in that country, responding by asking people to knit little sweaters for penguins who have been harmed by the oil. So many people around the world made them that Skeinz says that it has all of [...]