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Office Thief Caught

Office employees at an animal shelter in Swinoujscie, Poland, were noticing small amounts of money and supplies missing over the past year. All staff members were under suspicion, but a hidden camera revealed the try culprit: a cat named Clement. After 200 GBP had gone missing in a month, managers set up the secret camera and [...]

My Little Pony Wigs

The great news is that no one at the Neatorama office has to be left out! “Aw, John, you know I’d love to dress up as a pony at work, but there aren’t enough wigs to go around.” No siree. Etsy seller Erin has made many wigs, including ones for obscure characters such as Snips, [...]

Ammo Box Speaker

Dustin White made the ultimate office accessory: speakers built inside old .50 caliber ammunition boxes. You can find his instructions at the link and make your own. Link -via Everyday, No Days Off

Mini Crime Scene Tape

Mini Crime Scene Tape – $4.95 Is criminal activity running rampant at your office? Take charge with the Mini Crime Scene Tape from the NeatoShop. This printed adhesive tape is perfect for marking off tiny crime scenes and combating shameful office activities. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more Office & Desk fun! Link

Say Hello to the Office Goat

(Video Link) Pssh… office dogs are so last year. Here at the Neatorama office, we’ve moved on to the office goat long ago. Granted, he once ate an entire stack of paychecks, but he also gave us a great excuse when we were about to get audited that one time, so… Via Pets Lady

The Vice Presidents That History Forgot

Schuyler Colfax Writer Tony Horwitz visited the Quayle Vice Presidential Learning Center in Huntington, Indiana. It is the only museum dedicated to the 47 vice-presidents of the United States. Museum director Daniel Johns admits the title of second banana is not held in high regard. “Ridicule is an occupational hazard of the job,” Johns observes, leading me [...]

This Wireframe Desk Is A Pen’s Worst Nightmare

A pen sure could get lost in this strange wireframe desk. A paperclip could plummet to its death, and don’t even try to write anything down unless you’re drawing squares. Created by South Korean designer Bomi Park, it was meticulously crafted out of metal rods, it looks like The Matrix for office products, a giant dimensional [...]

House Sigils for All Kinds of TV Families

From The Office to House, there are all sorts of shows represented in this goofy set of TV family sigils based on those from Game of Thrones. Can you recognize all the references? Link Via io9

How to Tell When You’re Over-Propped

How many of the things in your home are props? How about your car or your office? Props in this case mean things that are put there for style or to make a statement, but are really never used for anything else. Kurt Andersen, who wrote for an architectural magazine in the 1980s, noticed the [...]

It Happens All the Time

My cats know that the office chair at the computer is the best place in the house to sit. It must be, because I spend so much time in it! Sometimes there are two cats, which leaves little room for me. Yasmine at Cat vs Human knows exactly how it is. Link