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An Office Worker Goes Kong

(YouTube Link) If Donkey Kong wasn’t a giant gorilla, but rather a lowly office worker whose promotion was given to a moustachioed employee named Mario, then the situation would probably play out just as it does in this spoof movie trailer for “Mr. Kong”. It’s a good thing nobody took his stapler! –via Ology

Twilight Zone San Francisco

(YouTube link) A 9 to 5 office worker calls in sick and thinks he will have the city to himself during business hours. He is surprised to find that he’s in the minority. Reaction to this video is that this happens in every big city. I can attest that it is the case in small towns, [...]

Rabbit Jumping around Competition Game

Hilarious show jumping pictures with a twist show how rabbits are being trained to run the gauntlet – leaping high obstacles in a new British craze. Rabbit Jumping UK is the country’s only rabbit jumping club and began when retired office worker Maureen Hoyle visited a fellow breeder in Sweden and got inspired. The unusual [...]