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It May Not Look Like It, But This Is a Gun

Today’s firearms oddity is the Baylè palm pistol. Patented by Frenchman Charles Baylè in 1879, this double action handgun fired 6 centerfire 5mm rounds. The rod screwed into the handle was used for loading. It looks like a staple gun, doesn’t it? Link | Photo: Horstheld

The Monastery under the Lake

In 1939, the Soviet government began damming the Volga River in Russia. The flooding that resulted left the entire Makaryevsky Monastery underwater except for the belfry. That and the artificial island later built around it are what you see in the above picture. You can view more pictures of this beautiful oddity at the link. Link -via [...]

Pasta Art

Given the right noodles and enough time, Sergey Pakhomov can build anything out of pasta: Sergey made his first pasta car five years ago. “It all started with my work on an advertising campaign for a macaroni making factory. The campaign developed into a hobby,” he said. It took the man three years to build his pasta town. Link [...]

Babe Magnet School

Some men are born babe magnets, others have to go to school to become one. Oddity Central has the story of one unusual school in Israel that teaches men how to woo the ladies [...]

The Sport of Camel Jumping

(Video Link) If you’re in the Zaraniq tribe of Yemen and you want to show off, jump over a camel. Or better yet, three camels at the same time. According to a tribal legend, the practice began generations ago as a dare between two men. Now it’s a sport of demanding athleticism. Link -via Oddity Central

Art from Peeled Tangerines

Six years ago, Yoshihiro Okada developed a new art form. He takes whole tangerines, scores them with a knife, then peels them in one piece. The peels, like the horse above, look like animals. He can create eighty distinct animal shapes and sells books to show you how to do likewise. Watch a video of [...]

The Fastest Man on All Fours

(Video Link) The Patas monkey can reach 34 MPH, making it the fastest primate in the world. Inspired by its example, Kenichi Ito of Tokyo has trained himself for over eight years to run on his hands and feet. He can clear 100 meters in under 20 seconds. What’s your best time? Link -via Oddity Central

Sock Portrait

Coffee, a basketball…and now socks! Hong Yi makes portraits using materials you’d never think of. Her latest work is a rendering of Chinese filmmaker Yimou Zhang in socks. She was inspired by the most ordinary of sights in Shanghai: socks hanging out to dry on bamboo rods. “To me,” she writes, “that was incredibly beautiful.” Link [...]

Rate My Rat: The Photo Contest for New York City Subway Rats

Hot or not? Cast your vote! A union of subway workers in New York City found an ingenious way of drawing attention to the rat problem that its members have to deal with every day. It’s holding a contest that encourages people to submit photos of rats found in the tunnels and rate them on [...]

Taiwan’s Musical Garbage Trucks

(Video Link) Oddity Central reports that Taiwan’s garbage trucks commonly play music in order to alert people of their arrival in a neighborhood. Among the more popular tunes is Beethoven’s “Für Elise.” They often switch to thematic songs during Christmas and the Chinese New Year. Which songs do you think would be ideal for garbage trucks? Link