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20 Adorable Videos and Photos of Critters Celebrating Christmas

We’ve already posted videos and photos of animals having a happy holiday season, but just in case you still need more adorable holiday images, this Oddee article is stuffed with 20 fantastic pictures and videos of critters having a happy Christmas. Link

Eyelid Tattoo

Image from Tattoo22 I wouldn’t let anybody come near my eyes with a buzzing needle running at a few thousand RPM but apparently that’s not a problem for some people! Indeed, some people actually [...]

14 Great Parody Twitter Accounts

Twitter is a great way to keep up with people on the internet, but it’s also a source of entertainment from accounts created just for that purpose. You have to admire a novelty account that can keep the one-liners coming day after day after day. If you’re not following any parody accounts, you’ll find a [...]

Photobombed! Making Bad Pictures Great and Good Pictures Awesomely Bad

At one time or another, you have probably snapped a photo and discovered that a grinning, devil- horn-flashing stranger has sneaked into your picture unannounced. Congratulations, you’ve just been photobombed! On September 1, 2012, our friends at Oddee [...]

12 Hilariously Clever Tip Jars

You don’t have to find Nemo, just save him by throwing some money into his jar so he can breathe. Not a bad ploy for getting a few extra tips is it? For more clever tip jar ideas, don’t miss this great Oddee article. Link

20 Great Geeky Wedding Invitations

If you believe weddings should be more personal than traditional, you’ll love some of the ideas couples have for sharing their happiness with the geeky interests they have in common. In a collection at Oddee, you’ll find custom-made wedding invitations that place the wedding couple in comic books, apocalyptic scenarios, science fiction worlds, video games, [...]

16 Funny Lip Paintings

We’ve seen Pikachu lips, but never troll lips or most of the other weird and wacky lipstick paintings over on Oddee and I assure you, they’re certainly worth checking out -even if you’d never actually want to wear these looks yourself. Link

10 Hilarious Pictures of Animals in Clothing

Sure cats and dogs in costumes are pretty darn funny, but horses and geese? Now that’s just plain “redonkeyless.” That’s why this Oddee article is just so darn fun. Link

Incredible Words with Friends Stories

Love Zynga’s hit app game Words with Friends? You’ll love these 7 incredible stories brought about by the addictive word game over at our pal Oddee. For example: Can you spell L-U-C-K-Y? [...]

10 More Things You Don’t Know About Sex

It was only a week or so ago that Miss C posted a link to Oddee’s 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Sex, but as it turns out, there is plenty more information you might be missing out on. That’s why io9 was able to post a similar article with almost the exact same [...]