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This Octopus Needed a New Home

(Video Link) You probably already knew that octopuses are smart and are known to use tools, but did you know that they also enjoy mobile homes in the form of tin cans? Just lugging this thing around seems beyond tiring, but he certainly seems reluctant to give up his can. Via io9

Texts From Cephalopods

To get into this story, you first have to understand that octopuses tend to text their cephalopod friends while drunk. In a series of messages and photos, we follow the adventures of an octopus that steals a diver’s camera (which you may recall actually happened) and then relates his activities to other octopuses, squids, and [...]

Neapolitan Cephalopods

If you like octopuses and squids, you’ll love this collection of marine lithographs from the collection “I Cefalopodi!” at the the Biodiversity Heritage Library on behalf of the Smithsonian Institution. See nine pieces of the collection at BibliOdyssey. Link

Squid Ware

Who wouldn’t love a coffee mug with a cephalopod handle? Etsy seller skybirdarts makes them in all colors, as well as cookie jars, teapots, and other ceramic vessels featuring squid and octopuses. Link -Thanks, Magill!

Cirrate Octopus

(YouTube link) Combine a graceful sea creature in its natural environment with some ethereal music and you’ve got this video. From the YouTube link: Making a rare appearance just in time for Halloween, this ghostly-looking orange cirrate octopus was recently observed by MBARI’s ROV Doc Ricketts swimming over the Taney Seamounts. These finned octopuses belong to an [...]