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10 Bizarre Celebrity Pets

These days it’s all too common to see celebrities like Paris Hilton trotting through the mall with their precious little puppies in their purse, but just imagine if they were as crazy as Salvador Dali with his pet ocelot or Lord Byron with his pet bear. For more strange celebrity pets, be sure to check [...]

Meet Evita

Three-month old Evita the ocelot was born in January at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. She was introduced to zoo visitors for the first time yesterday. See more pictures at the zoo blog. Link -via Urlesque

Critter Catalog

Darren Bryant scanned a catalog called Stromberg’s Chicks & Pets Unlimited 1972, from which you could order chickens, dogs, skunks, raccoons, monkeys, anteaters, chinchillas, minks, owls, and even an ocelot! The pages are in a photoset at Flickr. Note that when you order a monkey, the clothing worn in the photograph is not included. Link [...]