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Beautiful, Fragile Nudibranchs Can Kill You

If you’re hungry while on the ocean floor, don’t chow down on these fellows, no matter how tasty they look. The Chromodoris annae, like many nudibranchs, is soft, colorful and poisonous. Wildlife photographer David Doubilet took photos of many different species. You can view more pictures at the link. Link -via It’s Okay to Be Smart | [...]

Is the Baltic Sea anomaly a glacial deposit ?

The mysterious rocks found by Peter Lindberg’s Ocean X team could be little more than glacial debris. Lindberg himself continued to promote the myster…

The Horrifying Physiological and Psychological Consequences of Being Aquaman

Aquaman doesn’t get the respect in the world of comic book super heroes that Superman, Captan America, and others get. On top of that, he inhabits an undersea world that contains few, if any, other heroes. But those are the least of his problems! Southern Fried Science takes a realistic look at what Aquaman would [...]

Baltic anomaly ’shuts down electronics’

Divers investigating the Baltic Sea anomaly are claiming that it is intefering with their equipment. The Ocean X team have been attempting to determin…

Divers return to Baltic Sea anomaly

The large circular object on the floor of the Baltic Sea has been rediscovered by Ocean Explorer divers. The object was originally picked up by Peter…

Robotics Pavilion at Expo 2012

Robots are set to take over at Expo 2012 in Yeosu, South Korea! The theme for the Expo is “The Living Ocean and Coast,” but technology will be on display everywhere at the Expo beginning May 12. After all, robots work in the ocean, too! Virginia Tech’s Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory will be well represented, [...]

X-rays of Real-life Monsters from the Deep

We rarely see these 15 species of strange deep-sea fish, and even more rarely get to see their insides. They look scary, but most are only dangerous to other creatures that live in the ocean depths. Shown here is the inner workings of the Pelican Eel, also known as the Umbrellamouth Gulper, which isn’t an [...]

James Cameron dives to deepest ocean point

Cameron plunged almost 11km to the deepest place in the ocean, the Pacific Mariana Trench. It took the film director two hours to descend to maximum d…

Perpetual Ocean

This is easily the most beautiful thing you’ll see today: here’s "Perpetual Ocean," a visualization of the Earth’s ocean surface currents around from June 2005 to December 2007 by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific [...]

Visit the Great Barrier Reef via Google

Google Street View allows you to travel through the Amazonian Rainforest, The San Diego Zoo, even a few buildings, but come September 2012, you can even swim along the perimeter of the Great Barrier Reef just as though you were looking at the Street View of a place around your hometown. Obviously, they didn’t drive their [...]