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Something is Wrong

If this doesn’t bother your sense of order, or the way things should be (I’m not going to go as far as mentioning OCD, but you might), you’ll find something else that will in an imgur album full of photos with something wrong. Taken as a group, they’re pretty funny -up to the point where [...]

OCD Chef Cutting Board

OCD Chef Cutting Board – $24.95 Are you a little OCD in the kitchen? You need the OCD Chef Cutting Board from the NeatoShop. Don’t worry, being a little OCD in the kitchen isn’t really a bad thing. Cutting everything up exactly the same size means it all cooks more evenly. Your neurosis actually makes you a [...]

The Ultimate Star Wars Collection

Photo: Cho Woong I’ve always been impressed with some people’s ability to collect things – stamps, soda cans, comic books, what have you. My amazement over Cho Woong’s extensive collection of Star Wars figures is compounded by his ability to keep everything … so organized and neat! I betcha there’s a good amount of OCD (I’m [...]