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The Amazing Entries For Bit-Tech’s Mod Of The Year Contest

Man, if my Wii looked like this, I wouldn’t want to throw it across the room every time it misreads a disc! Just kidding, I would still want to toss it, but if it looked as cool as this entry into Bit-Tech’s Mod Of The Year Contest, or any of the other amazing entries for [...]

Man Prints Out Full Version of All Oblivion Books

If you’ve ever played The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, then you know how much detail the developers put into creating the in-game books your character can read. That’s why it’s so darn amazing that Reddit user notadoctoreither put together all of the books from the game into one immense leather-bound book. While even the most [...]

Oblivion Fan-made Sequence

(YouTube link) Mr. Mochi is an Oblivion machinima (computer-generated production), but he isn’t your everyday, garden variety game character. To be honest, he is utterly ridiculous. But gaming doesn’t have to always be serious business! -via I Am Bored

Things To Do For Lonely People On Valentine’s Day

Not everyone has plans for a romantic date on Valentines Day, and those who don’t might want to get their minds off all this love stuff. There are alternatives! Phil Haney has a roundup of activities and adventures that have nothing to do with Valentines Day, from arranging your own kidnapping to eating your heart [...]