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Death of a Nyan Cat

If you surf the internet, then at some point you have probably seen Nyan Cat. The original creator of that infectiously addicting 8-bit rainbow meme, Chris Torres, has informed the internet that his cat Marty (inspiration for Nyan Cat) has passed away. A week ago Marty started acting strange and the responsible owner Torres quickly brought [...]

9 Real Life Nyan Cats

Who doesn’t like Nyan Cat? These little ones are certainly fans, after all, they are trying their best to cosplay as the legendary kitty icon and the results are priceless. Link

If Nyan Cat Were a Ship

Oh the many cat memes we’ve grown to love. If you ever need help remembering a few of them, this Nyan Cat ship shows just how amazing these otherworldly kitty jokes truly are. It’s all part of the great gallery seen at the 1984 Memes show. Link Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Halloween Costume Gallery

Geeks Are Sexy asked readers to send in photos of their Halloween costumes to share, and they posted the responses in a gallery today. Here, Suzanne models her 2011 Nyan Cat Halloween costume. It’s not the only Nyan Cat costume in the gallery. Check out all the superheroes, TV and movie characters, monsters, zombies, memes, [...]

Make Your Own Nyan Cat Scarf

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own nyan cat scarf, now you can with the help of this pattern available for sale on Etsy. Of course, if you can’t knit, you’ll just have to deal with admiring this picture instead. Link Via The Mary Sue

Nyan Cat Cosplay

(Video Link) Craftster user shdwstrm won at Teh Internets by making this awesome Nyan Cat costume for a convention in Toronto. The pop-tart body is, however, not edible, which is a disappointment. Presumably she’s working on a second version that is. Link -via Craft

Nyan Cat as an NES Game

If Nyan Cat were around in 1988, he would the star of an NES game. And it would be in the bargain bin now. J. R. Baker took this idea and ran with it, designing both the front and back of the game case in the style of Konami games from the ’80s. See the [...]

Light Scythe

This image of Nyan Cat was created using Light Scythe, an open-source invention for writing text and drawing images with light in mid-air. I can’t begin to tell you I understand it, but you can see for yourself. Link -via I Can Has Cheezburger (Image credit: Flickr user Mechatronics Guy)

Americ-NYAN Cat

(YouTube link) Nyan Cat gets a makeover for the Fourth of July! Music by John Philip Sousa. -via Buzzfeed Previously: “Stars and Stripes Forever” on trombone, by the Muppets, and barbershop quartet style.

Nyan Violin

Remember Nyan Cat, the awesomeness we unleashed on all you unsuspecting web users? Well, Neatoramanaut Sarah Hubbard took it to the next level with her violin. Presenting … Nyan Violin! Thanks Sarah! [YouTube Clip]