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Interview with Randall Munroe

Surely, you’ve seen his comics xkcd on the web before and perhaps you’ve seen his new site What If, where Randall pondered things like what would happen if [...]

Steampunk Portal Gun Is Brasstastic

A while back I posted about the Portal Gun replica being released by NECA, and it was glorious (the gun, not the article). Well, this bad mofo, built by crafty individual Batman-N-Bananas, puts that pretty little number to shame. It’s a Steampunk styled Portal Gun, like the one carried by Chell in the Portal video game [...]

Flesh-eating Plant Inspires Slippery Science

Chalk up another example of science finding inspiration in nature. The slipperiest substance in nature appears to be the lip of a deadly (to insects) pitcher plant. And a scientist has copied it. The pitcher plant kills and eats animals. Some of its leaves are shaped like deep pitchers, and their rims, known as peristomes, are [...]