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Vegetarian Shark Eschews Meat

Florence is a nurse shark who lives in an aquarium in Birmingham, UK. She’s a strict vegetarian. Even when her caretakers wrap fish in lettuce, she turns away from it. Instead, she competes with other herbivores for plants: Florenceā€™s mouth is filled with razor-sharp, serrated teeth designed for demolishing fish and crustaceans. Instead she uses them for [...]

Insurance Scam Caught on a Dashboard Camera

(Video Link) Remember the scammers who reversed their car into another? A similar thief is at work here. He walks into a stopped car, then acts like the car hit him. Watch until the end, when you see him nurse a leg, feigning injury — and it’s the wrong leg! -via reddit

Satanic cult abuse or false memories?

The mysterious death of a nurse brings to light an often overlooked problem: implanted memories. The sudden death of 41 year old Carole Myers shocked …

A Letter from Marilyn Monroe

Actress Marilyn Monroe was born on June first, 1926. If she hadn’t died in 1962, she would be 85 years old today. In 1961 Monroe was committed to a mental hospital in New York. She stayed four days, during which she wrote a six-page letter to her psychiatrist. Here is just a part of one [...]