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A Website Made of Chocolate

Sagres Preta Chocolate from diografic on Vimeo. We’ve featured a lot of things made of chocolate here on Neatorama – boats, infographics, iPads. An entire website, though – that’s a first. To promote a chocolate stout made by Portuguese brewer Sagres, famous chocolatier Victor Nunes was hired to painstakingly create every little piece of the website [...]

I Love xkcd

(YouTube Link) Animator Noam Raby expressed his love for the webcomic xkcd and the many interests of its artist, Randall Munroe, in this one minute music video. Raby and Munroe have previously collaborated on another animated video entitled “Letting Go.” Art by Randall Munroe and singing by Olga Nunes. via io9 | | Raby’s Website | [...]