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Is the Earth Getting Lighter?

Taking into account human spacecraft going up and cloaked alien ships coming down, is the Earth gaining or losing mass? The BBC asked Cambridge University scientists to account for all of the material leaving and arriving on Earth and in its atmosphere: But overall, Dr Smith has calculated that the Earth – including the sea and [...]

Man attempts to build nuclear reactor

A man in Sweden was arrested after he was caught trying to construct a nuclear reactor in his kitchen. The 31-year-old had undertaken the DIY project …

The Swedish Man Who Tried To Build A Nuclear Reactor In His Kitchen

An unnamed man in Angelholm, Sweden was arrested for attempting to build a nuclear reactor in his kitchen. He was later released. Authorities doubt he would have seen success, but you never know. The 31-year-old tells the paper that he was able to buy radioactive waste from foreign companies and picked apart the components in a [...]

XKCD Radiation Dose Chart

With all the bad news of the nuclear reactor incident in Fukushima, Japan, it’s hard to get a handle of exactly how much radiation is bad. Randall Munroe of XKCD created what is probably the most informative chart about the different doses of radiation you get from various activities of life, from sleeping next to someone [...]

Nuclear reactor to power moon base

NASA are developing a compact nuclear reactor the size of a wastebasket that could power a future base on the moon. With plans to build a base on the …

The Late Movies: Five Five-Minute Educational Ignite Talks

After yesterday’s link to an Ignite Talk, Scrabble: How to Confuse and Destroy Your Opponents, I thought I’d take this opportunity to feature a few more great five-minute talks. Remember, the Ignite format is very strict: five minutes per talk, twenty slides total, and slides auto-advance every fifteen seconds. So each of these talks is [...]