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The Missing Links: Springfield’s Most Obscure Residents

Who Doesn’t Love Baron Von Kiss-A-Lot? There have been an astounding 508 episodes of The Simpsons. And nuzzled in among the more well-known characters like Homer, Bart and Flanders is an entire universe of really obscure, rarely seen oddballs. The writers of The Simpsons share their favorites. * Genetically Mutated Butterflies Take Flight It’s been about a year and [...]

The Missing Links: Enter the Anger Room

That Nuclear Disaster Could Have Been A Real Kodak Moment The bankrupted camera company apparently had a whole bunch of dangerous material – and barely anyone knew it. * Whether You Love This Idea or Hate This Idea, It’ll Work Perfectly For You This brilliant idea is like that printer smashing scene from Office Space times a million. * This Guy [...]

Radiation’s Effect on Nature

While everyone continues to worry and wonder about the potential threat caused by Japan’s leaking nuclear reactors, many have reflected on the world’s single largest nuclear disaster, the Chernobyl meltdown—which occurred 25 years ago today. But few have looked at the effect the radiation had on wild animals. The Quantum Biologist has a fascinating article detailing [...]