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Poor Abby

(YouTube link) Four-year-old Abby is tired of “Bronco Bama” and Mitt Romney. We’re all tired, Abby. But the election will be over soon. Abby was reacting to hearing yet another election story on NPR. So NPR has issued an apology to Abby. Link

What Americans Do All Day

If you answer "work and sleep", you’d be mostly correct! Lam Thuy Vo of NPR’s Planet Money has the graph: View the post over at NPR to find out the detailed breakdown of "Leisure" and [...]

Candies of America

Photo: Melisa Goh/NPR Nuts for Nut Goodie? Rockin’ for an Almond Roca? Your heart melting for some Melty Bar? From sea to shining sea, Americans love their [...]

What’s in a School Hamburger?

(NPR link) There are a lot of things in there besides beef. But once they are explained, it makes sense to me. The water and soy flour are fillers that stretch the meat and makes it affordable. But they stretch it so far that all that other stuff needs to go in to make it resemble [...]

Pro Cheese Sculptor on Working with Cheese: "It’s much more delightful than working with wood or stone. You can snack while you work."

Photo: Melissa Forsyth/NPR Sarah Kaufmann is one of only three people in the United States who make their living carving cheese. That’s right, the "Cheese Lady" is a professional cheese sculptor. Why cheese? NPR Blog [...]

How A Population Grows To 7 Billion

The world now has seven billion people. A video from NPR helps us to visualize how that happened so quickly. Yeah, you already know how it happens, but this video uses visual metaphors. Link -via I Am Bored

A Song About Eponyms

NPR brings us “Wanna Live Forever? Become A Noun” — a song about eponyms. It’s a nice introduction to the term, and includes one I hadn’t heard about before: the origin of the word “dunce.” Enjoy, my fellow word nerds: Music and animation by Adam Cole. For further reading, check out our extensive coverage [...]

Secret Power of Middle Children

I grew up oldest of two siblings and before my own children were born, my only knowledge of the middle child came from the TV series Malcolm in the Middle. So I was quite surprised [...]

Astronauts Goofing Around

Here’s a fun way to spend four minutes: watch astronauts explain explain the little details of life aboard the Space Shuttle. It’s a little silly around the edges — there’s a fair amount of goofing around. Best part: yo-yos in space!! From NPR’s description (they posted the video): NPR requested from NASA this 1980s-era video with [...]

Mark Twain Listens to a Woman on the Phone

I recently read an NPR piece about the book Annoying: The Science of What Bugs Us, in which researchers determined that the most universally annoying thing ever is listening to someone talk on a phone. When I came across this reprint on The Atlantic from Mark Twain in 1880, I realized that this has been the [...]