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The Day the President Moved Thanksgiving

(YouTube link) This is more of a true story than it appears. In 1939, Franklin Roosevelt changed Thanksgiving from the last Thursday in November to the next-to-the-last Thursday, in order to give retailers a longer Christmas shopping season. It was only in December of 1941 that congress set the date of Thanksgiving to the fourth Thursday [...]

NaNoWriMo 2012

It’s been a while since we have posted about NaNoWriMo, so some of you might need a refresher. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is sort of like a competition and sort of forced motivation for aspiring authors. You sign up on this website and pledge to write a 50,000 word novel (approximately 175 pages depending [...]

15 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in November

Turkey day may be the main event in the second-to-last month of the year, but there are plenty of unusual holidays to fill your November days with celebration. 1. November 2nd: National Plan Your Epitaph Day Getty Images Whether you’re morbid or just really on top of planning ahead, take the day to decide which of your [...]

Moustache November

November, the greatest month of the year (for several reasons including but not limited to my Birthday, Thanksgiving, turkeys, more pumpkins, football, and cranberry sauce) is fast approaching. Who wants to make it a Moustache Movember? Seriously, I’ll try it if you guys do. I most likely will end up with a sad excuse for [...]

The Escape Velocity of Emperor Penguins

  The November issue of Nationakl Geographic magazine has a special section on Antarctica’s emperor penguins called Escape Velocity. You can see some large-format photographs from the feature by award-winning wildlife photographer Paul Nicklen, showing penguins in their finest form swimming, hunting for food, and escaping predators in their natural environment at the Neatolrama Spotlight blog. [...]

Archive: February 2011

Weird Vintage Ads: Outrageous! Disclaimer: we have nothing to do with this. Cats Ready to Kill You The Bad and the Ugly (without the Good) Painted Trees in the Mountains of Colorado Psychedelic Dead Trees Revived Love & Romance! (Vintage and Funny Pics) Weirdness and glamour: opposites attract! Making Exotic Cars: Behind-the-Scenes Photos See how Maserati, Bentley, and other supercars are made The Coolest PC [...]

Michael Caine Impersonates Michael Caine

Okay, the snake is now eating its tail. Back in November, we were treated to No, THIS is How Michael Caine Speaks — a series of Michael Caine impersonations, along with more in the comments. Now, Caine himself offers an impersonation of himself. As one YouTube commenter said, “Michael Caine has the worst Michael Caine [...]

Archive: December 2010

Happy Holidays and New 2011 Year from DRB! Chocolate is addictive, and so is the spectacular imagery… The Platypus: Nature’s “Swiss Army Knife” This weird guy has webbed feet, lays eggs and sweats milk Amazing Automatons: Ancient Robots & Victorian Androids Industrious Little Clockwork Creatures! Megastructures: Bigger-Than-Worlds Super Colossal Planet & Astro Engineering Modern Wild Looking Tables Strange surfaces to keep your food [...]

Niagara Falls "De-Watered"

Photo: rbglasson [Flickr] In 2009, Russ Glasson found an abandoned shoebox with photos inside of a “dewatered” Niagara Falls. The Daily Mail has the story: In June 1969, U.S. engineers diverted the flow of the Niagara River away from the American side of the falls for several months. Their plan was to remove the large amount of loose [...]

The Number of the Day: 1 in 133,225

The odds of two people with the same birthday having a child who also shares their birthday are around 1 in 133,225. But that’s exactly what happened on November 24th to the White family of St. Paul, Minnesota. Related Fact: Prior to meeting her husband Jamal White, new mom Tiara White’s maiden name was, you guessed [...]