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Not Everyone Wins a Pulitzer

Are you participating in National Novel Writing Month? You’re a guaranteed winner! Grant Snider tells us about twelve lesser-known prizes that you could receive. Read the rest at the link. Link -via Nag on the Lake

NaNoWriMo 2012

It’s been a while since we have posted about NaNoWriMo, so some of you might need a refresher. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is sort of like a competition and sort of forced motivation for aspiring authors. You sign up on this website and pledge to write a 50,000 word novel (approximately 175 pages depending [...]

From Classics to Graphics: 6 Literary Masterpieces Turned Into Graphic Novels

Abridging classic novels for younger readers is nothing new. But in recent years, classic literature has been graphic novel-ized, making it more accessible for readers young and old while preserving the plot, themes, and sometimes even the author’s voice. English class will never be the same, thanks to these classics gone graphic. 1. The Picture of [...]

To Use and Use Not

Ernest Hemingway wasn’t at all sure how to end his novel A Farewell to Arms. In fact, he wrote dozens of alternate endings that will all be included in a new edition of the 1929 novel. They have been preserved in the Ernest Hemingway Collection at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston [...]

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

On the surface, B. Traven’s 1927 novel The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is a suspenseful, propulsive can’t-put-it-down adventure story about three down-and-out Americans who trek deep into the Mexican mountains on a doomed search for gold. It’s a terrific read. But it’s more than just a page-turner; the work recasts the classic American adventure [...]

Sea Butterfly

It’s hard to believe but that otherworldly creature above, photographed by Alexander Semenov, lives in our ocean rather than on the pages of a sci-fi novel. The sea angel above was found in the White Sea, northwest [...]

Diorama Book Carvings

We’ve seen book landscapes before, but there’s so much potential for the concept behind Kyle Kirkpatrick’s carved book dioramas. Imagine a gripping scene from your favorite novel carved into a copy of it. Which scene and which novel would you choose? Link -via Colossal

Text Message Novels

This literary genre has apparently been developing for a few years, but I’ve just learned about it today. In 2007, Japanese romance novel writer who goes by the name Yume-Hotaru published one of his stories in short bits — small enough to fit into text messages. And that’s how they spread across the country. Now [...]

Neal Stephenson’s Latest: REAMDE

It takes guts to title your blockbuster novel using an intentional misspelling. But fortunately for readers, Neal Stephenson has guts, a killer story, and — for the first time since Cryptonomicon — a thriller I can thoroughly recommend to any reader, not just the King Dorks of the crowd. Expect to see REAMDE [...]

Predictive Policing: The Minority Report in Real Life?

In Philip K. Dick’s sci-fi novel The Minority Report (which was later made into the blockbuster movie starring Tom Cruise), Precrime officers apprehend would-be criminals before they can commit crimes. Well, it turns out that the Santa Cruz police department has a similar program. No, they don’t utilize mutant precogs, instead they have something even cooler: [...]