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The end of the world hasn’t happened… yet

It’s December 21st and so far nothing has happened – but will the world end before the day is out ? For most it’s just an ordinary day, for others tod…

Louis C.K. as Lincoln

If you are anything like me, then you love Louis C.K. If you are not like me you might still like Louis C.K., but on the rare occasion that you are both not like me and you do not like Louis C.K… well then I have nothing for you at this junction. Louis was on [...]

Sloth And Gluttony! It’s Two Deadly Sins In One

(Video Link) Just kidding, there’s nothing even remotely evil about this little angel of a sloth. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Who Wouldn’t Wanna Snuggle With These Little Babes?

(Video Link) Nothing like bottle feeding and cuddling with orphaned babies who weigh more than you do. Someone sign me up for this job tomorrow -minimum wage seems like I’d be getting over paid. Via Discovery News

Cat Box Costumes

You know what cats love? Costumes! Nothing gives them more delight than playing dress-up. Now not everyone can afford store-bought costumes, so the enterprising blogger Toshiya86 uses cardboard boxes instead. All that’s necessary is to ensure that the cat doesn’t pull his head out of the hole. Link -via Daily of the Day

Don’t Cross The Streams!

I can’t help but wish that this cake uses marshmallow-based fondant because nothing could be more fitting. Link

Chest Burster Roast & Other Gross Halloween Foods

Nothing like a little edible flesh worm or a bloody brain shot to whet your appetite. These Halloween foods might be scarier than they are delicious looking, but they’re a perfect choice for a Halloween dinner party. Link

Cold Sore Cupcake

Eh, I’m sure it’s nothing. Go ahead and pucker up. You know, YOLO and all that. Tattoo Cakes made this irresistable concoction. Link -via Evil Cakes

The Monocle Veil

So it’s March, 1941. All the fashionable ladies are wearing wearing monocle veils. Then…nothing. The look disappeared. Did Col. Klink kill it as a fashion statement? Link -via Retronaut

FEMA runs zombie preparedness campaign

Nothing gets the public to take note of emergancy planning procedures like a zombie apocalypse. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is following i…