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Lady Finds Chinese Worker’s Plea For Help Inside Product Bought At K-Mart

A clever Chinese worker smuggled the note above into a Halloween decoration which was later bought at a K-Mart store in Oregon, and the woman who discovered the note felt compelled to share it with the world. Whether this note is a fake or not is still being debated, but Sophie Richardson from the Human Rights [...]

FEMA runs zombie preparedness campaign

Nothing gets the public to take note of emergancy planning procedures like a zombie apocalypse. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is following i…

Look Out! There’s A Vicious Goose On The Loose!

You know your building’s security has become way too lax when they post a note on the door about the dangerous goose on the loose, instead of simply shooing the thing away. The note wouldn’t be nearly as believable if the culprit weren’t posing for the picture with that murderous gleam in his eye!  Ack! My achin’ [...]

Strange And Cinematic Photographs By Alena Beljakova

Photographer Alena Beljakova has a story to tell, one which Hollywood directors should take note of and viewers are free to get lost in. It’s an extremely well formed vision for a nineteen year old, but I think that’s what makes Alena’s photos so special. She’s going to keep telling her tales, hopefully for a long time [...]

The 10 Weirdest Thefts Ever

Imagine looking out at your front yard one day and realizing your lawn is missing. That’s just what happened to Denise Thompson: It was where her four children and two dogs played, and where she drank coffee on sunny mornings. Then someone stole it. They didn’t even leave a note. Thompson and her children went away [...]

You Shall Not Password

A seven-year-old girl left this note on her parents’ computer desk. They are considering password-protecting the computer. I can laugh because this is not my child, but if it were, she’d find out what a nightmare life can really be! Link -via HuffPo

A Giant Spider Prepares To Dine On A Snake

(YouTube Link) Budding naturalists should take note of what this video demonstrates-a spider’s killer instinct shouldn’t be taken for granted, and they’ll gladly wrap up a meal that may take them a month to polish off just for the sake of convenience. Please note that you shouldn’t put your hand anywhere near those big old spiders you [...]

The End of the World of Books

Photo: Leslie Strauss Travis/The Norman Maclean Reader A lot of authors get rejected by publishers, but Norman Maclean, author of A River Runs Through It and Other Stories, [...]

Some Good Advice For Mrs. Clark

Kids have a knack for cutting through the BS and telling it like it is, especially when it comes to handing out advice. The brilliant 6 year old that wrote up this note for Mrs. Clark has some really sound advice about a shortcut to feeling better-just go poop! This is good advice for us all, [...]

Dad Shot Laptop Over Daughter’s Facebook Post

When Tommy Jordan came across a Facebook post written by his teenage daughter complaining about how she had to do chores, he decided to film his response and upload it to YouTube: This dramatic situation started when Jordan discovered a Facebook [...]