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Why was Rudolph the reindeer’s nose red ?

Rudolph’s red nose is a popular topic for songs at Christmas time, but what’s the real story behind it ? According to the song, Rudolph’s red nose was…

Attenborough’s Ark

If you can save ten animals from extinction, which animals would you pick? Sir David Attenborough shows us his pick in his new TV series Attenborough’s Ark [warning: auto-starting video]. The BBC has the slideshow of the [...]

End the Tyranny of Ironing!

In this Slate article, Seth Stevenson proclaimed that he’s not a slob. He washes his hair, clips his nails and brushes his teeth. He even flosses often. But he wears wrinkled clothes. That’s because he has [...]

Why Can You Taste Your Eye Drops?

A friend of mine recently got pinkeye. Whenever she put in her eye drops, she noticed a distinct and very unpleasant taste on the back of her tongue. What’s up with that? Grab a mirror and pull down a little on your lower eyelid. Not far from the inside edge (on the side closest to your [...]

This Pup Just Got Scarlett Lettered

Sometimes a bop on the nose just isn’t enough, sometimes you must just punish them emotionally through embarassment. Link

Baby Elephant Sneezes

With that nose, you’d expect that when a baby elephant sneezes, it’s an epic event … epicly cute, that is. Hit play and say gesundheit: Link [YouTube]

Why Does Your Nose Get Stuffy One Nostril at a Time?

Nose-blowing image via Shutterstock Because your nostrils split their workload. Throughout the day, they each take breaks in a process of alternating congestion and decongestion called the nasal cycle. At a given moment, if you’re breathing through your nose, the lion’s share of the air is going in and out of one nostril, with a much [...]

Who Owns the Rights to Our Germs?

Each of us have more microbes on and in our bodies than we have cells of our own. Some are beneficial; others we’d like to do without. Then there are millions that are neither, but may be profitable someday. Sound ridiculous? Consider this scenario: IMAGINE a scientist gently swabs your left nostril with a Q-tip and [...]

The Teenage Plastic Surgery Boom

Here’s a disturbing trend: Between 1996 and 2010 the number of teenagers aged 13-19 having elective cosmetic surgery has increased by 548% – from around 14,000 procedures to 76,841 last year, according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The vast majority of these surgeries are rhinoplasty, followed by octoplasty (ear-pinning, typically), breast augmentation, asymmetry correction [...]

Why Do Spicy Foods Make Your Nose Run?

Hot sauces, curries, wasabi peas and other spicy treats turn you into a snot faucet. Why is that? Capsaicin is the chemical found concentrated in the placental tissue of chile peppers and allyl isothiocyanate is an oil contained in plants like mustard and radishes (including horseradish). Plants use both of these chemicals as biological weapons against [...]