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Meet Larry, the Vomiting Robot

If you’ve never had a personal encounter with the norovirus, consider yourself lucky. The virus, which causes severe diarrhea and vomiting in human, is extremely contagious. It gained regained its notoriety in several well-publicized [...]

Pendle Witch Cottage Discovered In Lancanshire

A 400-year old cottage was discovered by a construction crew near Pendle Hill (in northern England) that is believed to have been the home of one of the Pendle Witches. The eleven women known as the Pendle Witches were found guilty of murdering ten people with witchraft in 1612, and all but one were hung [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Halloween Traditions

Most of us are pretty familiar with carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating, but there are plenty of other Halloween traditions out there. Some of them are from way back when, and some are just from different parts of the world. Either way, maybe you’ll find something new to add to your All Hallows Eve traditions. 1. Stingy [...]