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Researchers Discovered “Permian Pompeii”

Scientists have discovered a tropical forest encased in ash when a volcano erupted about 300 million years ago. The finding, dubbed the "Permian Pompeii" after the Roman city that was buried in ash, preserved [...]

Determining Migratory Patterns of Early Humans — With Earwax!

Dan Lewis runs the popular daily newsletter Now I Know (“Learn Something New Every Day, By Email”). To subscribe to his daily email, click here. Earwax is mostly gross, but it serves a few purposes: protecting our ear canals from bacteria and dryness, assisting in cleaning and lubrication, and — surprisingly — helping anthropologists determine the [...]

Turtle Boy

A youngster dubbed turtle boy by cruel bullies is starting a new life after a miracle two hour operation to remove a giant shell of hard skin from his back.Maimaiti Hali, eight – from Heping, northern China – was born with a hard, mutated growth covering most of his back.Dad Maimaiti Musai said: “We were [...]

Chinese farmer grows baby shaped pears

For Britain’s struggling fruit farmers, things could be about to go even more pear-shaped… A Chinese farmer has invented baby-shaped pears – and he is planning to export his novel idea over here. Plucky farmer Gao Xianzhang has created 10,000 of the mini marvels this season and he plans to take the fruits of his labour to [...]