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12 Proposed U.S. States That Didn’t Make the Cut

The road to 50 states was littered with wannabes who couldn’t wait to declare themselves—but never quite got to full statehood. Here are 12 states that could have been. 1. Franklin Wikimedia Commons After the Revolutionary War, it became common for states to gift their westernmost lands to the newly-founded (but broke) American government to repackage and sell [...]

Sentinels of the North

Last winter in Finnish Lapland, photographer Niccolò Bonfadini snapped this photo of snow-encased trees that look like frozen aliens of the North. APOD named them "Sentinels of the North" and has the larger pic: [...]

Ned Stark Recommends….

There’s not much to be said in favor of the North in winter, but the coffee houses are superb. Take the advice offered in Justin Lawrence DeVine’s Game of Thrones chalk advertisement. Link -via The Mary Sue

North Carolina Opossum Become German Star

Heidi the Cross-eyed Opossum lives at the Leipzig Zoo in Germany, where she is set to be a part of Gondwanaland, a new area of the zoo which will open in July. The two-and-a-half year old opossum has already inspired a song and a plush toy. It is a long way from home. According to the [...]

Milk in a Bag

I learned something new … and disturbing about our neighbors to the North. It turns out that you can buy milk in plastic bags in Canada. How do you drink from plastic bags? Sheryl from Pinc Stuff explains in this short YouTube video clip over at TYWKIWDBI: Link Crazy, eh? Previously on Neatorama: Beer in a bag

North Pole Mail Program Discontinued

The 2,100 citizens of North Pole, Alaska take Christmas very seriously. Since 1954, they’ve volunteered for Operation Santa, a program of the US Postal Service which answers letters to Santa Claus. The program has volunteers all over the country, and many letters are routed through Alaska to get the special North Pole postmark. However, the [...]