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10 Artists Who Work in Trees

Trees are exceedingly useful. They clean our air, cool our communities, and make the landscape beautiful. We use them for food, shade, building material, fuel, erosion control, barriers, and many other things. Some look at trees and see an art medium, a canvas to express something we wouldn’t otherwise see. And there are quite a [...]

Wildest Secession Movements in The United States

With the unrest happening in Egypt and other countries in the region many people are asking if a revolution could ever happen in the US of A. Some Americans, however, have been planning such a movement for years to rebel against what they consider the injustices of the US government. During the Civil War the [...]

Nutty, the Squirrel with a Human Best Friend

Need something cute and kinda silly to lighten up your Friday? How about the story of Nutty, a squirrel, and his surrogate parent Tony Hattersley (who is described in a lower-third title as “Nutty’s best friend”). From the BBC’s North West Tonight. Stick around at least until 0:45 for the shower scene. If that’s not enough cuteness [...]

Stupid Rules: Novelty Socks Are Banned

Continuing the trend of posting about stupid rules, how about socks? Can you get into trouble for wearing novelty socks? Apparently so if you’re a paramedic for the North West Ambulance in the United Kingdom: Uniformed staff have been barred from wearing socks with images of cartoon characters, jokes and garish patterns after bosses branded [...]

British Isles made Sweet Eye Candy

This map is a real piece of eye candy – a model of the British Isles made completely from sweets. Artist Paul Baker turned the UK into Sweet Britain using more than 4,000 sweets in a painstaking model that even includes iconic British landmarks such as Stonehenge and Tower Bridge. The two-metre-long creation, which took two months [...]