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An Attachment About Attachments

The Islington Council made a sign warning people not to attach anything to park furniture or trees -and then attached it to a tree at Highbury Fields in north London, England. A neighboring architect, who was annoyed at the many signs posted recently, went to remove the sign and was surprised to see who had [...]

Art From Used Chewing Gum

Most of us only think about chewing gum on the sidewalk when it sticks to our shoes, but if you live in North London, that gum stain on the sidewalk might just be a tiny masterpiece. Artist Ben Wilson has been turning nasty spots of used chewing gum into miniature paintings in the North London neighborhood [...]

Man Ticketed for Speeding by the Same Cop in Britain and New Zealand

A man emigrated from London to New Zealand. Shortly after arriving, he was ticked for speeding. He recognized the police officer as Constable Andy Flitton, who had ticketed him for speeding in London two years before. Flitton, too, had just immigrated to New Zealand: “He asked if I had worked in London,” Constable Flitton said. “I [...]

The Human Magnet

The Magnet women Brenda Allison – who claims that she has a powerful personal magnetic field that makes metal objects stick to her skin. Strangely, this even applies to non-magnetic objects.Not only does the 50-year-old accounts manager from Holloway, North London, say that metal items including coins, keys and even tin lids attach themselves to [...]

Interesting Things Found in Books

AbeBooks asked their booksellers to reveal what items they have found inside the books that pass through their hands. They reported many instances of discovering credit cards and banknotes, including this heartbreaker: “A wealthy, elderly woman in my town died a few years ago and left a large book collection with many fine books, much of [...]

Switching a Gene in Adult Female Mice Turns Them Male

Medical researchers at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany, altered a single gene in female mice. The mice did not change anatomically, but their ovaries began producing testosterone: The study was carried out on mice but the implications are relevant to humans, the scientists said. By switching off a gene called FoxL2, which exists [...]

Suffer from disposophobia? These 7 famous hoarders did

Do you have trouble throwing stuff out? Afraid to let go of that old remote control for the broken TV you’ve got stored away in the basement just in case you might need it someday? Have trouble giving those old, worn-out shoes over to charity? You might be suffering from disposophobia, sometimes called pathological hoarding. [...]

Lasagna-Eating Cat is the Real-Life Garfield!

Sofia Atrill’s cat Humphrey is the real life version of the cat comic character Garfield: he eats only lasagna! Just like the character Garfield, Humphrey the cat refuses to eat anything else and consumes three portions of the pasta dish a day. The bizarre obsession started when Humphrey was a kitten and stumbled across a plate of [...]