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Wireless for Ladies, 1922

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Wireless for Ladies, 1922 World’s First Mobile Phone (1922). Found by a researcher in the Pathe vaults. We’ll just leave it at that, and wish more such reels could be “found”. Link Today’s pictures & links: “Aeroflorale II – La Machine” (image credit: Hartmut Bosener, via) The world-famous French group of artists “La Machine” installed [...]

Link Latte 145

#145 – Week of November 11, 2010 10 Centuries in 5 Minutes: European History – [fascinating video]Recreating the 1950s in Awesomely Detaled Models, info – [flickr set]Tractomas: The World’s Largest Truck Tractor, info – [wow tech]The Crosley Revolution: Micro Vinyl Records Player – [gadgets]Jeff Nishinaka: Awesome Paper Art – [wow art]Great Airbus-A380 Cockpit Emulation – [cool [...]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mikhail Prokhorov

It looks like Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov has reached a deal to buy the floundering New Jersey Nets. What’s Prokhorov’s story, though? We did some digging, and here are five things you probably don’t know about the man who could become the NBA’s next owner. 1. He Got His Start in the Jeans Business Buying an 80% [...]