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Dramatic Kitty

Such a drama queen. A cute, cuddly, funny noise making- drama queen. Great. I have now stumbled onto the cat videos part of the internet, and I wanted to get work done today! -Via The Presurfer

The Sound That Only Canadians Can Hear

Everything that I know about Canada I learned by watching South Park. But the show hasn’t mentioned this fact. There’s a sound that only Canadians can hear, various described as “a large diesel truck idling, a loud boom box or the bass vocals of Barry White.” The sound is detectable to people in Windsor, which lies [...]

Man Can Hear His Own Eyeballs Move

A common experience is to hear faint beat of your own heart, normally after a vigorous workout. However for Stephen Mabbut, the noise of his own eyeballs moving in his head was so loud and audible it was driving him mad. This frightening experience was later attributed to a rare condition, superior canal dehiscence syndrome.   He [...]

Tiny village is latest victim of mystery hum

A small village in England is the latest to become victim to a strange unexplained humming noise. Residents have complained about a low humming sound …

This Robot Juggles Better than Most People

I can’t juggle at all. I have tried before, but I always drop the balls or whatever I am juggling. This robot can juggle and do it very well, I am a little jealous. It does the deed very loudly though with lots of whirring and noise. It uses high-speed cameras to see where the [...]

Fainting Goat Kittens

Charlie and Spike are two very cute kittens that are normal in all respect, except when they hear a sudden noise: at the slightest sound, the kittens respond by collapsing and falling into a rigid paralysis which lasts about a minute before they return to normal. This condition has hardly ever before been diagnosed in a [...]

Scientific Evidence that the Entire Universe Is a Holographic Projection around the Earth

Go get your protective tin foil hat, because you’re going to need it. German scientists have been trying to understand why their equipment that measures gravitational waves has been picking up a particular sound. One possible answer that they’ve come up with is that the entire universe is a holographic illusion: For many months, the GEO600 [...]

Early Sound Amplifiers

Photo: Noise for Airports Noise for Airports has a gallery of early sound amplifier/locator technologies. He quotes a 1939 issue of Science News Letter about these efforts: The picturesque triple or quadruple sets of horns, looking like gigantic versions of old-fashioned ear trumpets, that are used by listeners for airplanes, are only artificial external ears that can [...]

Is Noise Driving Your Dog Nuts?

Two years ago I blogged about how noise pollution takes a toll on our health: “Noise is linked with heart attack and stroke because it creates chronic stress that keeps our bodies in a state of constant alert.” But humans aren’t the only ones who are hurt by noise. According to a study reported in [...]

Mystery noise drives couple from home

A couple in England have been plagued so much by a mysterious noise that they have been forced to move from their home and live in a caravan. Desp…