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S’more Quesadillas

The main problem with s’mores is that they break apart and get messy with the first bite. Fortunately, Nick of Dude Foods, the culinary innovator who introduced the world to the chocolate covered deep fried triple double Oreo and the 25-cheese pizza, has once again moved the human race forward. He’s developed the s’more quesadilla. [...]

Huge Slingshot That Fires Circular Sawblades

(Video Link) If there was a Nobel Prize for Awesomeness, Jörg Sprave would win it easily. And why isn’t there such a Nobel Prize? The mere existence of this weapon alone justifies its creation. Sprave, noted for his pioneering research into Gatling gun slingshot technology, now worked on the circular sawblade challenge. How did he ensure that [...]